All kinds of repairs, servicing and fret work can be undertaken at the workshop. From rewiring to full refrets, fret dressing to finish repairs, no job is too big or too small. Each repair is quoted in advance for your assurance and all work is guaranteed unless specifically specified.


Labour charges for repairs are £20 per hour, maximum chargeable time is quoted in advance. If the job is done more quickly then that time saving is passed back to the customer in a reduced fee.


Had several problems with this top level 'Angus Young' SG since I bought it new, it's my main gigging squeeze and in constant use so poor sustain has been a real pain. but I must say Tony Edwards Guitars transformed it. After a complete set up including the fitment of a roller bridge, it is now even possible to touch the whammy without putting it out of tune, don't know why but its sustain is so much better now as well. It will be coming your way for a new harder nut soon Tony and thank you for making this the guitar it always should have been.

Barry Gerrens, The Forge


Restoration work is undertaken on all kinds of vintage instruments - not just guitars. Banjos, Ukeleles, basses - any instrument which really needs to be brought back to its original glory.


Using original materials and many of the original techniques and tools that were used to build the instrument, the road worn can be restored back to original specifications.